May 03, 2017

The Unconscious Man's mind works in two dimensions a conscious and unconscious, all of our experiences come through the conscious and the unconscious is stored, each of them associated with thoughts and emotions related to the moment they occur. These experiences do not always easy to remember, however, that they are always stored in the unconscious, where the experience was traumatic, in excess, can not remember because it impedes the guard as shown in this picture: When the experience was very traumatic We can remember with some difficulty, as illustrated in the following picture: When the experience was pleasant, we can remember easily, sometimes spontaneously. As illustrated in the following picture: Each of our experiences is associated with a emotion in another chapter about them. Remember your first experience, when you were a baby, mourn enough to give you food or you change the diaper, this lesson never forgotten even today, when you feel or think you've lost something personal in all areas, physical, mental, emotional intellectual or love, you cry hoping someone will listen and meet your need, but you're not drinking, you're the architect, author and artist of your own destiny. In your baby step, take your first decision, as I think this is and means you are certain to mourn automatically provides you with all your satisfactions. This first decision is always with you and is the first cause that caused you pain. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Mark Hyman offers on the topic.. When you face a new or everyday experience and respond to it with your first decision as I think it is, you do not hear other views or admit another truth than yours.