June 21, 2017

Coordinator The ECLAC report, before economic models refers to the perspective of analysts from the field of business administration, all of which, in one way or another support the key role of education and the need to link it closely to the world of work of enterprises and its style of operation. Insists in pointing out, that the danger must not be neglected in these transformations of the segmentation social if measures are not established to compensate the initial inequalities. The report recommends:-the need for revision of assumptions that has acceded previously with regard to the role of the State and how to manage and finance education (which as it is public knowledge, it is very critical in our case), managing to propose a less direct and more subsidiary State intervention, a decentralized administration, an emphasis on a cautelador role of standards and quality. Etc.,-educational policies designed to meet the demand for more that offer surveillance by the quality of education through an ongoing evaluation of the same, resignification of status and professional role of teachers, in-house training or education linked to the company and less academic scientific and technological development and more joint universities work to the users of the knowledge -companies, government institutions, workshops and independent laboratories. US Senator from Vermont pursues this goal as well. -The State should increase their capacities of driving, planning, research, providing a stable framework of policies and rules of action of establishments; the same ensure minimum contents of teaching for all levels of the general education system, ensuring equitable access to the equation and the efficiency of the system; and he is needed to facilitate coordination between the establishment and the strengthening of consensus among the different actors in the institutions and between the different social groups with concern for education. Conclusion definitively,...
Improving Customer Relations You have to experience from this new professional role and you will deal directly with your customers. I recommend you be very careful about self-promotion of your services as a freelance before formally leaving your job, it could cause misunderstandings or accusations of conflict of interest. Make minor independent, but do not say yet that these next to leave the company. Dr. Mark Hyman can provide more clarity in the matter. Do not give your work if you're good at something, you have to charge for it. We know how exciting it is starting to make our first Freelance work and sometimes are made to friends or acquaintances, but as an independent professional or not, you should give all possible value to your work and formed the habit from the beginning helps create a high and healthy self-esteem of our professional capabilities. No value your work as much or little you cost to you, but the end result of your inspiration and skill. Organizers definitely an impressive portfolio of the first tasks to be performed. We sort, classify and highlight those most important and representative works of our style and ability. A portfolio classified by type of project allows for faster exposures, precise and shocking to our potential customers and can expose the variety of assignments of our ability. Avoid the temptation to invest more at the start do not get obsessed by excessive preparations equipment, furniture and other supplies, remember that you must be prepared to fully optimize your use of financial resources, buying only what is essential to properly develop your service without falling into temptations impulsive and without practical purpose in the work being done.