July 17, 2017

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Earrings, But Were Afraid To Ask The first mention of the earrings refers to 3000 bc Their home is considered to be Asia, where they exist in two forms, one in the form of earrings, rings and other more complex as a suspension. The oldest earrings ever found archaeologists were discovered in royal graves in Iraq, they are approximately at the time of 2500 bc Also on the island of Crete have been found with gold, silver and bronze earrings, which date back to 2000 bc In those time was taken to keep people together with the jewels and ornaments. In the xvi century bc In the new state of ancient Egypt has become very fashionable to have your ears pierced and wear long earrings rings. This can be seen on sculptures Pharaohs of those times, in particular this was seen in the sculpture of . Devastation and poverty early Middle Ages contributed to a reduction of working with precious stones, although some jewelers invented in these times such masterpieces that will appear later in the 7th century bc in Greece. The most popular jewelry from the world of earrings in those days were regarded as earrings, pendants, which depict various birds and portraits of the gods Eros and Nike Goddess. In the second millennium bc in the Roman Empire, earrings gain huge popularity among the very rich ladies. It was believed that these ornaments are very clearly emphasized a secular position and wealth ladies. Also comes into fashion use of precious stones as the material for the manufacture of earrings.