May 01, 2019

Corps In the past, gouache viewed as purely ornamental material, adapted only for utilitarian purposes and one-time use. Paint a beautiful, bright, but not long-lived, a common opinion. I think that it is not, and gouache as a means of expressing the highest ideas and feelings have not yet fully realized. Sure, the huge potential of this unique material have their say in world art. Gouache, when you say the word, born awesome and with nothing comparable to the smell of the material, as the beginning, as the key to understanding the unique world that is embedded in it. I remember everything that was done previously in the form of the movement of currents and soul comes the sublime state that special artistic nirvana called inspiration. Dr. Mark Hyman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Heart of the artist is filled with passion for creativity, and it seems that you can do anything. An act of creation of a new world through prayer before the master sheet Go linen paper. But to understand and love the material and his work, it is necessary to know and appreciate, as the most expensive, as teammate in laborious way the artist and man. I dare to share with you, dear readers, some thoughts on the immediate process of working with gouache. And yet some of my accompanying thoughts. Gouache for me is a material with a tremendous level - from gentle water, watercolor letter to the Corps swipe. There is an opportunity to implement any of the boldest ideas of the author.
About The Film 'Fog' Year: Russia Directed by: Ivan Shurhovetsky, Artem Genre: Romance Release: May 9 story: during the commission of a march-throw three enterprising soldier wanted to reduce the distance. They stopped at the road bus, which traveled to the event World War ii veterans. As a result, old people were late, and all the branch was punished by an additional forced marches and access to the shooting. And so the fighters making their penalty march. One soldier invites the captain to cut the path through the swamp and get consent. But in the swamp of fog covers the whole group moved in 1941. After the first meeting with the Nazis, they lose their commander. Breaking ten men to the front lines, soldiers die one by one. Some are captured along with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. If Hitler's army put into production, and armed with such weapons, the course of history can change dramatically. All those who still remains the critical by all means to prevent it. As a result, only one survived. He once again passed through the fog and was in his time. Here he was met by all who were with him in the past. Everything that has happened has led kids change dramatically. Viewing experience: of course the plot is very reminiscent of the movie 'We of the future', but if there is still quite green boys, hitting unexpectedly at war behave in the style of the heroes of American fighters, such feeling that they are prepared for this, everything is different. All ten men were frightened to such an extent that were hidden even from the two German officers. This is a normal reaction for ordinary young men who suddenly are in such a situation, so even without live ammunition and skills of military action. They can...