April 14, 2020

Civil Guard The aggressor is accused of the crimes of I mistreat in familiar scope and sexual aggression. The victim has entered in a welcome center. The Civil Guard has stopped in the Rinconada (Seville) to G.C., of 32 years, defendant to violate and to cause injuries by all the body to his wife, to whom she brutally struck because she refused to prostituir itself, according to has informed east Saturday the Military institution. The man, defendant of the crimes of I mistreat in the familiar scope and sexual aggression, it was stopped after the woman went to the dependencies of the Civil Guard with contusions by all the body, reason why was necessary to transfer it to a hospitable center. Novelist usually is spot on. The victim, who has entered in a welcome center after the facts, assured the agents who its pair appeared in the house demanding that prostituyese itself, to which she refused. She brutally struck it to the aggressor in all the body forced, to maintain it relations sexual she threatened and it of death, arriving to whip to him with a cable in the back. According to the official notice of the Civil Guard, the woman it presented/displayed a medical report of the Center of Health in which it was diagnosed to him that it had received blows in all the body and that presented/displayed important hematomas in the eye, the face and the left leg, besides being very sore and to walk with difficulty. Source of the news: They stop to a man after brutally striking and violating to its pair to refuse to prostituir itself.
Alan Kardec To analyze the different forms of action that the related esprita center carries through before the community. On the other hand, it is of if to stand out, that during much time the Espiritismo was seen by the society with a seita, but with passing of the years little moved, but very it has been learned with the Espiritismo, however, for the information lack the society still discriminates it and ridiculariza. Leaving of these estimated if it makes necessary to demonstrate for the society, in a general way, the importance of the Espiritismo through its origin and of its basic principles. In the investigativo passage that, also, involved an immersion in the estimated theoretician of authors who argue such question (in prominence for the important contributions of Allan Kardec, Heifer of Menezes, Denis and Barbosa) observe that the knowledge lack takes many people to have an erroneous concept on the Espiritismo, confusing it with other seitas. Swarmed by offers, Michael Chabon is currently assessing future choices. In these perspectives, we look for through interviews to know a little more than the reality of the Esprita Doctrine in the Amap, special in the quarter of the Congs, and the more we search on the cited subject, more perceived how much it is important for the social environment. In each chapter we go to approach the trajectory of the espiritismo, detaching the espiritismo in the Amap: Esprita center Heifer of Menezes. This Work of Conclusion of Course is divided in four chapters, being that the first one is a historical boarding, that goes since the sprouting of the first stories of the Espiritismo, passing for the antiquity, going until modern society. As I capitulate of this work goes since the sprouting of the espiritismo in Brazil, contemplating the influence of the Espiritismo...