April 11, 2020

University SMEs 3. The Bank not lend money to a person who has no money, and if the idea is original, it is risky for the Bank and investors, so without capital we jodimos us; even knowing that intelligence is perfectly well distributed throughout society, and the generation of new and good ideas is not a monopoly of the people with resources. 4. If (SMEs) entrepreneur is able to resolve the 3 previous points (competitive advantage, beginner and initial investment errors), realizes that to be able to, he must understand your company, your client, your competition, has to develop a strategy and you must understand the elements of the mix of marketing (product, promotion, price and distribution channels), finally, it must become expert in marketing. 5 For worst evils, once begins to sell, you have to design the step-by-step operation, because otherwise it is a disorder that leaves him very expensive, so you have to become expert in industrial engineering, and processes because the competition is. 6. Then, staff that helps are people with desires and insecurities as any human being, who must be motivated constantly, so the entrepreneur (SMEs) has to become expert in organizational order, psychology, motivation and labor laws. 7. In addition, requirements, procedures and fees of the box (CCSS), the INS, the municipality and taxation are so complicated that businessman (SMEs) have to do almost lawyer, expert in laws, in order to comply with all the requirements that are asked to in order to operate. 8 Not only that, if not ordered the internal network, data, software and computer equipment, the information is lost and out expensive, so the entrepreneur (SMEs) have to do expert in software and information and communication technologies. 9. Finally, the performance of the company, both passed as expected future, must be summarized and...
Civil Guard The aggressor is accused of the crimes of I mistreat in familiar scope and sexual aggression. The victim has entered in a welcome center. The Civil Guard has stopped in the Rinconada (Seville) to G.C., of 32 years, defendant to violate and to cause injuries by all the body to his wife, to whom she brutally struck because she refused to prostituir itself, according to has informed east Saturday the Military institution. The man, defendant of the crimes of I mistreat in the familiar scope and sexual aggression, it was stopped after the woman went to the dependencies of the Civil Guard with contusions by all the body, reason why was necessary to transfer it to a hospitable center. Novelist usually is spot on. The victim, who has entered in a welcome center after the facts, assured the agents who its pair appeared in the house demanding that prostituyese itself, to which she refused. She brutally struck it to the aggressor in all the body forced, to maintain it relations sexual she threatened and it of death, arriving to whip to him with a cable in the back. According to the official notice of the Civil Guard, the woman it presented/displayed a medical report of the Center of Health in which it was diagnosed to him that it had received blows in all the body and that presented/displayed important hematomas in the eye, the face and the left leg, besides being very sore and to walk with difficulty. Source of the news: They stop to a man after brutally striking and violating to its pair to refuse to prostituir itself.