January 05, 2022

Russian Drinking It allocates 75% of vitamins, trace elements and structures, each water highlights important for positive thinking proteins - neyropetidy - for regulation of the thinking process. Produces compounds sanifying intercellular liquid. Involved in energy production by the cell. Their function - protecting cell genome! On the basis of all the above and based on who recommendations on the cooperation of specialists of traditional medicine and health, Russian scientists iaels proposed a revolutionary approach to health promotion with reference to the recovery of the microbial flora lacto - series. Environmental studies showed that in the recreation areas over the sea in the ozone layer predominant lactic acid bacillus. In ecologically disadvantaged areas vice versa. And there, most people complain to the work of the digestive system. Today it is no secret that a good digestion depends on microflora inhabiting the digestive tract. In the cities it is hard not to feed their friends-bacteria products with preservatives, dyes, disintegrants, stabilizers and other chemicals, like antibiotics, killing these important bacteria. Man can breathe the poisoned air, drinking bad water, generally violates the drinking mode, and then transport medium output of slag behind the general metabolism, etc. This is the reason for the failure of the main adaptive mechanism - Immunity. The beginning of his is on the intestinal wall! Error of modern society that through advertising convinces us of the usefulness of yogurt, but they do not contain lactic acid bacillus Mechnikov. Yes, they are useful as a food product, and if the shelf life of not more than 3 days.
The Soil The separation of Samara was inevitable, alone a time question, she was determined and if it prepared for this, and in such a way it as Fernando knew that the history of the two did not have nothing to see with the separation, each one would follow its life normally, loading appeared special friendship between the two. The time passed and arrived the moment of if to know personally, it wanted very and it had fear, but been successful for the desire if they had found. To if approaching, it was surprise, it he was prettier than in the photos and mame look like well little age that had. The way of the motel, it thought that it would not go to obtain, no matter how hard it wanted, but had fixture in the mind that would have to try, therefore wise person who would be valid the penalty. No longer room, the barriers had been falling together with the clothes of the two for the soil, and it can see that Fernando was more than a magician, was a prince. Love in a way had passed two hours inside room making that it never thought that she could. It less felt that it made love with love, not it sexual love not even the conjugal love and still the love made for physical necessity. It was a love beyond the love, a sensation that nothing and nor nobody could take off to it and that it would never go to forget. A little before going even so, had started to show photos of family one for the other, and had a moment where Fernando showed the photo of its wife, a very pretty woman, but what called attention of Samara was the air of happiness printed in the face...